Requirements for publications

to the attention of the authors


1. Articles proposed for publication must be written specifically for the journal "Higher Education of Ukraine", to meet the requirements of the department of personnel attestation of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine for scientific works and to address the needs of heads and teams of higher education institutions, educational politicians, scientists and analysts. It is not recommended to send articles of a textbook or primitive enumerative nature. The article must necessarily contain the author's position on the chosen issue or topic. New author's material and independent conclusions should make up at least one third of the article. The design of the article should be consciously aimed at the effectiveness of perception and saving time for those who will get to know it.
2. The editors reserve the right to appropriately shorten and correct the text of the article, as well as to make clarifying changes in the title.
3. The authors are fully responsible for the reliability of facts, dates, names and accuracy of citation.
4. The editors do not correspond with the authors.


The article is not accepted for consideration and is returned to the author for appropriate revision in case of violation of at least one point of registration, lack of photo, etc.
1. Articles are accepted as files in text editors MS Word for Windows (versions 6, 7 or 98) by e-mail. E-mail address of the editorial office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Graphs and drawings (jpg or similar versions) should be clearly executed, occupy a separate place and not be surrounded by text, formulas should be written in the usual mathematical symbols, have markings and correspond to the format of the magazine. Graphic material should also be submitted in a separate file. Authors should take care of ease of perception of the material in black and white version.
2. The volume of materials (text, annotations, literature in all languages, etc.) is recommended within 20–22,000 characters (including gaps) and should not exceed 24,000 characters, or 0.6 print. sheet (about 13–14 typewritten pages, double-spaced, including tables, graphs, and figures).
3. The article must be signed by all authors and accompanied by:
a) author's certificate in the form below. (In order to ensure the objectivity of the external review, only the surnames and initials of the authors are indicated in the article itself);
b) surname and first name, title of the article, keywords and a brief abstract (300-400 characters) in Ukrainian and English;
c) UDC.
4. Sources (up to 12–15) in the list of references should be presented alphabetically in the following order: Ukrainian, Russian, Latin. In the reference to the used source, indicate the serial number of the source in the list and the page. It is forbidden to display links at the bottom of each page. The list should be general and appear at the end of the article. It is recommended to rely on the latest and most important national and foreign sources.
WARNING! In connection with the requirements of the abstract database of the scientific periodical "Scopus", it is necessary to add a translation of the list of literature into English with maximum accuracy.

Author certificate form

1. Title of the article.
2. Address for correspondence, telephone, fax and e-mail for contact.
3. Surname, first name, patronymic.
4. Academic degree, academic title.
5. Place of work.
6. Position.

In addition, an electronic photo is attached in two or three versions (jpg, tiff (300 pixel/inch), etc.). Low-quality photos, photos on embossed paper, clippings from newspapers and magazines, printouts, etc. are not accepted for scanning.